You will pay later the amount shown on taxi meter when you get off the taxi cab


First-ride fare: up to 1.052km420 Yen
Additional fare: Every 233m after 1.052km80 Yen
Pick-up charge (迎車料金)420 Yen
Reservation fee1,000 Yen*
* Reservation may cost 1 hour time charge per taxi cab operator
Hourly rate4,700 Yen
Midnight and early morning surcharge (22 – 4:59)20%
Long-distance discount (Over 9,000 Yen)-10%
Disability discount (Need to show Disability ID)-10%
Toll and Parking will be charged if occurs

<Please note>

  1. If you ride a taxi, taxiing at the front door of Tokyo American Club, fare meter charge will be charged.
  2. If you call a taxi through Member Service, fare meter charge and pick-up charge (迎車料金) will be charged.
  3. If you make a reservation of a taxi through Member Service or this homepage, fare meter charge, pick-up charge (迎車料金) and reservation fee will be charged. However, reservations in busy hours may cost hourly rate or meter-based fare whichever is higher.