Get a Ride and Pay Later

We have built a system for Tokyo American Club members to hire a premium black car and to pay for it through your Tokyo American Club member account.

Now we are expanding the convenient service to your daily taxi cab rides. Call Member Service Desk and you get your cab in front of your home, office, or anywhere in the city. Then you pass “TAC ID Taxi Ticket” to the taxi cab driver and go anywhere you want. And, That’s It. You just pay later through your membership account.

We do the rest of everything. You may just call, pass the ticket, go anywhere you want and just get off. No need to calculate changes or wait for credit card dispenser to approve your payment, but you just walk away. Cab drivers collect the ticket and we apply your taxi ride charges to your TAC member account once in a month.

Everyone in your family Can Use

The ticket can be used by anyone under your approval. You can use them for your family, nanny, home teacher, etc. but under your approval.

On Demand or Reservation

When you need a cab right now (20 to 30 minutes lead time), please just call Member Service at 03-4588-0381. You can also make a reservation by placing a reservation from this homepage.

How to find the Taxi

All available taxi cabs carry a dashboard sign, “TAC ID Chargeable.” Some of them will be taxiing in Tokyo American Club front door in Azabudai. Respectively, they are carrying the following taxi lamps:

How to get the TAC ID Taxi Ticket

“TAC ID Taxi Ticket” is available at Member Service Desk or you can get them on-line as well. Please see details here: